C-Vision NANO now on board with Wessex Archaeology


The C-Tecnics ‘C-Vision NANO’ is a welcomed addition to the tools available to Wessex Archaeology helping them to provide their customers with a market leading service.

Since 2004, Wessex Archaeology has owned and operated one of C-Tecnics earliest models of colour video system, named the ‘Colourwatch’. 2016 saw a change for the diving team as their video system was upgraded to the latest offering from the C-Vision range, The C-Vision NANO.

The new acquired piece of C-Tecnics equipment serves as a portable video-capture system designed specifically for use with a laptop. The C-Vision is being used for underwater diving operations, this distinctively developed unit combined with its easy-to-use video monitoring and recording software, is ideal for a number of diving operations. Just install the software, plug in and you’re ready to go.

Graham Scott, Diving Superintendent at Wessex Archaeology commented:

“Wessex Archaeology has always prided itself on providing innovative technological solutions to archaeological problems. The acquisition of this new C-Tecnics camera and Nano digital recording system provides us with a step change in our archaeological inspection capabilities that also retains our cost-effective edge. By combining it with our other digital recording and positioning systems and archaeological expertise, this system helps us to provide our clients with a sector leading service.”

Wessex Archaeology, with offices nationwide, was founded as the Wessex Archaeological Committee on 1st May 1979. In 1983 the name changed to the Trust for Wessex Archaeology and it became the not-for-profit charitable company which it remains today. Wessex Archaeology’s divers have provided diving services to national curators and marine developers since 2003 and their divers are regularly commissioned to dive on sites of archaeological significance.

C-Tecnics, based in Aberdeen, Scotland, is a manufacturer of high quality diving and subsea equipment, who specialise in underwater video and communications products for the subsea community.