Diver Recovery Block & Tackle

The C-Tecnics Diver Recovery Block and Tackle is used in the recovery of a diver into the diving bell. It is a 6:1 advantage pulley system with an extended length of 6 metres – this is the estimated length from the top of the inside of the bell, through the bell trunking, to the base of the stage. Please check that this is the length required for your system - tailored lengths are available upon request.

The block and tackle should be attached to a secure lifting point which should be certified for at least 900Kg – a fully dressed diver can be estimated at 170Kg and this offers a 10x safety factor which is compatible with the load testing requirements of certain diver recovery harnesses such at the C-Tecnics Jok II Harness. The top pulley is fitted with a cam cleat which enables the rope to be ‘locked off’ each time it is pulled for recovery, thus permittng single-handed operation. The angle of the cleat is adjustable via ratcheted locking pin system, and this should be adjusted prior to use to suit the angle of use by the operator in the bell to make sure that it is in the optimum position. The bottom pulley is fitted with a stainless steel carabiner to permit clipping on to the lifting/recovery point on the diver’s harness.

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Tags: Commercial Diving, Diver Recovery