CT3022 Digital Stills Camera

The CT3022 camera has a built in on-board RTC (real time clock) providing an ultra-reliable time source with alarm function. Other comparable cameras use microcontroller counters to perform a delay. This, however, is not the best method for standby power management or for accurate timing of the snapshots, and this is where the CT3022 excels.

Whilst in an active system, an external trigger can be interfaced with the camera, allowing an operator to take images. A live SD video feed can be used as a visual reference by the operator. In an autonomous system, the optimised electronics are designed to conserve power making the camera ideal for use in battery powered operations and long term deployments. The camera is set to capture images at user-defined intervals, all of which are stored on the camera’s on-board memory. All files can be easily downloaded via a USB connection.

The CT3022 Digital Stills Camera is ideal for use in marine science and research and ROV operations.

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Digital Stills Camera


Digital Stills Camera - Stainless Steel


Digital Stills Camera - Titanium


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Flashgun, Stainless Steel


Flashgun, Titanium


Cable Termination, Flashgun Link


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